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During TeenStreet Connect events we will take photos and videos to promote future OM TeenStreet and OM youth events.
These photos could be published on OM and/or OM TeenStreet’s Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter feeds, websites, display boards at public events or literature such as leaflets, booklets and magazines.



1. This form provides us with media consent. If you wish to discuss consent options, please email us.

2. We will never include full names (first name and surname) of any young person in an image or video on social media, websites or printed publications.

3. We will never include personal e-mail, postal addresses, or telephone numbers on social media, websites or in printed publications.

4. We may use group images with very general labels, such as “youth enjoying sport” or “arts and crafts workshop”.

5. We ask the permission of the parent/guardian before any images of their child/children are taken and used.