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TeenStreet UK is open to participants aged 13-17.

If you’re 18+, come and join our Service Team!

Come and join us this summer to spend the week having fun, going deep in your faith and learning how to be bold in sharing it with others, including those who have not yet heard about Jesus!

What to Expect

A Typical Day


Main Hall which includes a time of worship, some games and a chance to learn about the theme for the day’s Bible Study.

Shhh Time a chance to be still and listen to what God might be telling you that day – stare at the clouds as they go past, look at the grass and marvel at God’s creation. Just shut your eyes and listen to the stillness.

NET1 a time to meet together with your small group to look deeper at the day’s Bible Study; there will be time to talk together and time for your own private Bible Study during that time.


Interact Time a chance to play games, join in with other fun activities or just hang out with friends. Get to know some new friends, or spend time with those you came with.

Seminars and workshops time to learn about your faith and how to share it with others, as well as other discussion topics and practical application


NET2 a time to meet with your small group to pray and be ready for the evening

Throne Room a time of worship, you’ll have the chance to go up for prayer if you would like to.

Interact Time hang out with friends, maybe join in with some night games or watch a movie in the evenings

NET3 a quick catch up with your small group

Lights Out bedtime!


Arrival on 3rd August is between 2-5pm.

Free transport will be available from Lancaster Train Station.

Please make sure you arrive in enough time to pitch your tent if you are camping.

Once you reach the TeenStreet UK site, there will be team to direct you to where to go. Your first stop will be the registration point where you will sign in and collect your badge. Then you can head to your accommodation.


There are two accommodation options for the week:

Camping (bring your own tent)


Both options include:

  • Onsite toilet and shower facilities
  • 3 meals provided each full day, as well as dinner on arrival day and breakfast and packed lunch on departure day
  • Access to all teaching sessions, small group time, worship, and workshops and seminars
  • Bible Study manuals.

You will have an assigned area to pitch your tent, or dorm to sleep in.

Guys and girls sleep in separate accommodation and cannot enter the other’s


If I want to camp, do I need to bring my own tent?

Yes, you will need to provide all your own camping equipment. Please note the use of stoves and other cooking equipment are not permitted.

Phone Charging

Can I charge my phone?

There will be charging stations available onsite for those camping. If you are in dorm-style accommodation there will be plug sockets available in your room.


You will have three full meals provided for you during each day, as well as an evening meal on arrival day, and breakfast and a packed lunch to take with you on departure day. You may bring other food snacks if you wish, but you will not be able to cook onsite.


We are able to prepare food for the following special diets: dairy free, lactose intolerant, coeliac, gluten-free, vegetarian (not vegan), and combinations of those, ONLY. Please ensure that is recorded in your booking form.

If you have other food allergies or intolerances, please include them in your booking form so that we can identify for you when a dish contains those ingredients. We regret we cannot provide alternative dishes if the offered dish contains those allergens, and we are not able to cater for individual likes and dislikes. All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten and other known allergens may be present. Please note that while we take care to prevent cross-contamination, any product may contain traces of allergens as all our meals are produced in the same kitchen. If your dietary needs alter after your booking please let us know what has changed.


If you have any additional queries about food, please ask your parent or guardian to email us at

Pocket Money

Though your 3 main meals are catered for, you may want to bring some extra money for the café or shop onsite.


No pets are allowed onsite except for registered service animals. If you have a service animal, please ask your parent or guardian to get in contact beforehand. We will need you to ensure it wears a harness or lead that identifies it at all times on site.

Attending alone or in a group

Can I come on my own? Do I have to be part of a group?

Yes! You are welcome to come on your own or with a friend. You will be placed in a NET group for the week for small group time including Bible studies, and your coach (small group leader) will be there to support you during the week.

If you have any friends who are also coming on their own you’d like to be in a group with, please put their name on your application form.


Will my leader be my group leader?

If you’re coming as part of a Church you, we will try and put you with your leader.


What if my church does not have a youth leader?

You are welcome! We will ensure that all teens are part of a suitable NET group with a coach who will look after them for the duration of the week.