Send your teens to TeenStreet UK 2023

TeenStreet UK is running for its 2nd year on 27th July – 2nd August  2023 at The Poplars, near Ledbury, and we hope to see your teens and their your youth group there!

TeenStreet UK is open to participants aged 13-17.

We welcome 18+ to serve on our Service Team!

We want to encourage teens to come and join us this summer to spend the week having fun, going deep in their faith and learning how to be bold in sharing it with others, including those who have not yet heard about Jesus!

Each teen is placed in a NET (small) group for the week, a bit like their family.

If teens come as part of a Church group, we will endeavour to place them in a group with their own youth leaders and teens from their church.

Each NET group is led by a Coach. A Coach is a caring adult who will be a listening ear, example, authority figure and if necessary a challenge-giver for the group of teens during TeenStreet. The Coach will lead NET times (Bible study and small group time) and is available to meet with the teens during free time for support.

What to Expect

A typical day

A typical day starts with breakfast, followed by Main Hall, which includes a time of worship, some games and a chance to learn about the theme for the day’s Bible Study.

After this is Shhh Time, a chance to be still and listen to what God might be telling you that day – stare at the clouds as they go past, look at the grass and marvel at God’s creation. Just shut your eyes and listen to the stillness.

During NET1 teens meet together with their small group to look deeper at the day’s Bible Study; there will be time to talk together and time for private Bible Study during that time.

After lunch, which comes next, Interact Time is a chance to go to workshops or seminars, play games, join in with other fun activities or just hang out with friends. Get to know some new friends, or spend time with those you came with.

After dinner at NET2 teens meet with their small group to pray and be ready for Throne Room. During this time of worship, teens will have the chance to go up for prayer if they would like to.

There’s more time in evening Interact Time to hang out with friends, maybe join in with some night games or watch a movie in the evenings before NET3 - a quick catch up with their small group - and then bed!


Details of arrival day will be published soon.

Please make sure you arrive in enough time for your teens to pitch their tent if they are camping.

Once you reach the TeenStreet UK site, there will be team to direct you to where to go. Your first stop will be the registration point where teens will sign in and collect their badge. Then they can head to their accommodation.

Leaving the site

Teens are not permitted to leave the TeenStreet site during the week of TeenStreet without express permission or in an emergency as directed by the TeenStreet UK team.

What should teens bring with them?

Click here for our packing list.

If you have any further questions, please do email us.

Pocket Money

All 3 meals each day will be catered, however you might wish to provide teens with some spending money for snacks.

Pets at TeenStreet

No pets are allowed onsite except for registered service animals. If you have a service animal, please get in contact beforehand. We will need you to ensure it wears a harness or lead that identifies it at all times on site.

Food and dietary requirements

Everyone at TeenStreet will have three full meals provided for during each day, as well as an evening meal on arrival day, and breakfast and a packed lunch on departure day. They may bring other food snacks if they wish, but they will not be able to cook onsite.

We hope that there will be something to enjoy at each meal, there will be a variety of options to choose from.

If you have any dietary needs, please let us know on the registration form to ensure we accommodate these.

If you have any additional queries about food, please email us at

RAG*: Sponsored colour run

Every year TeenStreet UK will be raising funds for a project that works with teens. Teens can get involved by joining our sponsored race; each lap is roughly 1 mile long and we record how many laps are run so for per lap sponsorship. Even if they can’t run, teens can support the runners by cheering them on and high fiving them on their way round!

Safety and Security

How do you keep everyone safe?

The safety of your teenagers is a top priority for the TeenStreet UK leadership team.

We have 24-hour security on site for the whole week.

Further details on safety and security can be made available upon request.

What about child protection?

All adults onsite must be DBS checked. All adults at TeenStreet UK are required to sign and follow the TeenStreet UK guidelines regarding their interaction with teens.  For more detailed information about our child protection policies, please contact us by email at

How are the teens supported and cared for during the week?

There will be a number of people that will support the teens during the week. Each NET (small) group will have a coach who will be directly responsible for caring and supporting the teens. The Prayer Team and SoulCare (counselling) team are available all week to support both the teens and the coaches. There is also further support available if the coaches feel it is needed.

We also care for the health and wellbeing of our Coaches so that they can support the teens well. Each coach will meet with their Ministry & Mentoring couple (M&Ms) each day and will have access to training and other resources both during and ahead of the event. 

How do I communicate with my teen during TeenStreet UK?

While mobiles are welcome at TeenStreet UK, please keep in mind that it is a very busy schedule. If you need to contact the OM staff during the week for whatever reason, there will be an emergency number available. All details will be provided before the event.

Booking and coming to TeenStreet

Accommodation costs and options

There are two accommodation options for the week:

  • Camping (bring your own camping equipment. Please note the use of stoves and other cooking equipment are not permitted. ) – price tbc
  • Accommodation block (same-gender shared room) – price tbc

Both options include:

  • Onsite toilet and shower facilities
  • 3 meals provided each full day, as well as dinner on arrival day and breakfast and packed lunch on departure day
  • Access to all teaching sessions, small group time, worship, and workshops and seminars
  • Bible Study manuals.

Each teen will have an assigned area to pitch their tent, or dorm to sleep in.

Guys and girls sleep in separate accommodation and cannot enter the other’s

Camping at TeenStreet

Teens from the same group will be allocated spaces near each other.

If camping as a whole youth group, the group may choose to pitch their tents near to each other.

There will also be same-gender camping pitches available if preferred.

If attending as an individual, teens will be placed in a same-gender area with others from their NET group if they are also camping.

Teens are not permitted to bring caravans or campervans.

For further clarification on this arrangement, please email

Troubleshooting booking

If you are having problems booking, please get in touch with us by email at

Teens coming on their own

Teens are welcome to come on their own or with a friend. Each teen will be placed in a NET group for the week for small group time including Bible studies, and their coach (small group leader) will be there to support the teens during the week.

If the teen has any friends who are also coming on their own that they would like to be in a group with, please put their name on the application form.

Teens coming as part of a group

If teens are coming to TeenStreet as part of a church group we will endeavour to place them in a NET group (small group) with one of their youth leaders.

For every 6 teens a church brings, one of their youth leaders can come for free!

If the church group does not have youth leaders who will be attending, we will ensure that all teens are placed in a suitable NET group with a Coach who will look after them for the duration of the week.

12 year olds at TeenStreeet

We may be able to accept 12 year olds who are actively involved in and coming as part of a youth group, and can participate on a level with 13 and 14 year olds for small group  Bible Study sessions as well as during the rest of the programme.

Please encourage youth youth leader contact us at to discuss this.


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept 12 year olds wishing to sign up as individuals.

Travelling to TeenStreet

You will need to arrange your own transport to the site.

Some youth groups may choose to travel together; the youth leaders will inform you of this.

Access to The Poplars is from the A417.

If you are coming by coach or minibus, please be sure to come via Beach Lane from the south. The turning directly onto Dyke House Lane from the A417 is not suitable for large vehicles.

The Poplars is just 1.5 miles from Junction 2 of the M50.

The nearest train stations are Ledbury (4 miles) and Gloucester (14 miles).