TeenStreet  brings together a great team of people.

You could be one of them!

Come and serve with us –  3rd – 9th August at Capernwray Hall, Carnforth.

TeenStreet UK as an event cannot happen without the generous and sacrificial support of the Service Team.

The Service Team consists of anyone 18 and over, some these roles are behind the scenes and others work directly with the teens. This includes cleaning, running workshops or small groups, setting up ahead of the event, organising sports …. the list goes on. Some teens have come away from a week at TeenStreet and been most impacted by the people sacrificing their time to clean up after them!

We appreciate the work the service team do, and would like to build into their lives at the same time. This starts with our pre-event training, details of which can be found below.

During the week of TeenStreet service team members can look forward to having fun with their team and participating in small group Bible studies together. Come and make new friends, join in with exciting games and activities, and enjoy the after-hours mocktail bar and lounge!

Service Team Roles

If you are 18+ and would like to be on the Service Team, you could be involved in any of these areas: 

  • Art Zone (encouraging teens to explore art)
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Dining Hall Team
  • Sports Team (running daily activities and games)
  • Information Desk
  • The Beehive Staff


If you are 20+ and would like to be on the Service Team, you could be involved in any of these areas: 

  • Night security
  • Art Zone (encouraging teens to explore art)
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Dining Hall Team
  • Sports Team (running daily activities and games)
  • Information Desk
  • The Beehive Staff
  • First Aider

Small group Leaders - Coaches and Assistant Coaches

Teenagers need a caring adult as a listening ear, example, authority figure and challenge-giver. Each coach is responsible for the teens in one NET group which consists of up to six teenagers of the same gender.

Coaches are responsible for leading the NET times (Bible study and small group time), meeting with their group in free time, keeping their teens accountable, spending personal time with each teen and being a friend.

Each coach will meet with their Ministry & Mentoring couple (M&Ms) each day and will have access to training and other resources both during and ahead of the event. 

Coaches must be over 20, love Jesus and be ready for an intense adventure! If you are 18+ and would like to help run a small group, come as an Assistant Coach!

Contrary to what many people believe, this generation of teens desires to connect with people that have some experience in life. This can be missing in their home life as some do not have good adult role models.

Coaches are a vital part of TeenStreet UK’s purpose. TeenStreet UK aims to build up Churches by providing a positive community for teens to be part of throughout the year, and this is done through the youth leaders. TeenStreet UK provides a unique opportunity for youth leaders to really interact with their youth and develop a trusting relationship. We want the interaction between teens and their leaders to continue after the event, as part of our year-round vision. 

Application Process

If you would like to volunteer for the service team or as a Coach or Assistant Coach, make sure you sign up on our registration system which will enable us to process your details and request for a particular team.

Every adult at TeenStreet UK is required to provide details of a referee who we will contact. Other required checks will also be completed before approving the application, such as DBS check. You will then be directed to the place where you can pay whatever fees are due.

Do I need a DBS check?

Every adult onsite at TeenStreet UK is required to have a valid enhanced DBS certificate. If you have a valid and relevant DBS that is on the update service we may be able to accept this.

If you apply to serve at TeenStreet UK and do not have a current and relevant DBS on the update service, you will be contacted with further details. There will be a charge of £15 for this service and we recommend that you register it with the update service so as to be valid for future TeenStreet UK events.

What are the accommodation options and cost?

We ask that the Service Team members cover the minimal costs for accommodation and catering costs. If you would be able to consider covering more than this cost it would enable the best programme to be created for as many teens as possible.

The two accommodation options are:

Camping (bring your own camping equipment. Please note the use of stoves and other cooking equipment are not permitted. ) 


Prices to be confirmed.

Caravan/campervans are permitted to stay on site, please email contact@teenstreet.uk if you would like to bring one.

Unfortunately camping in cars and/or vans is not permitted.

*Due to the nature of the venue, there are no individual rooms available.

Pre-event Training

We want to help you be the most effective member of the Service Team you can be!

This means providing you with some training ahead of the event so you know what to expect, what your role is, and how to fulfil it to the best of your abilities.

Training sessions are required for you to come to TeenStreet, and we will ask for your availability during the application process.

Dates and further details will be sent out by email once registration closes.

You do not need to attend Coaches’ training if you are not working directly with teens.

How do I get to TeenStreet UK?

You will need to arrange your own transport to the site.