RAG (Raise And Give) is a way that we connect teens with a cause at TeenStreet UK, to have them work together and raise funds for teens or people in difficult situations.

Through RAG we encourage teens to embrace a lifestyle of giving. Because Jesus gave it all, we get to give freely as well!

This year at TeenStreet UK we raised funds to support New Generation Ministries Ukraine, an OM UK project focusing on reaching out unbelieving young people in Ukraine, to disciple, mentor and incorporate them into vibrant communities of Jesus followers.

Why get involved?

Because Jesus loves us extravagantly, we get to live out His love by helping other people, whether far or near. Getting involved will help teens make a difference as funds raised will have an impact in the lives of children and young people in Ukraine.

How to get involved?

Teens can get involved by joining our sponsored race; each lap is roughly 1 mile long and we record how many laps are run. Even if they can’t run, they can walk or support the runners by cheering them on and high five-ing them on their way round!

How to find sponsorship?

Teens can ask their parents, friends, relatives, and church members to sponsor them by donating directly on the donation page on our website. Donations can be made before and after attending TeenStreet.