TeenStreet began in 1992 as a vision for an international Christian conference for teens. Founders Dan and Suzie Potter from the U.S. gave it the name TeenStreet “because the whole purpose was to give teens a street to travel upon…a way to live”.

The first TeenStreet was held in Offenburg, Germany, in the summer of 1993, with a total of 56 people. It grew rapidly from there, and by 2019, participation topped 3,500. In 2004, TeenStreet expanded to Brazil, then to Australia in 2010, and similar movements have been launched around the globe since then —but we’re not done growing.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TeenStreet launched its first ever online event in 2020. 52 countries joined online from all over the world, including the UK.

OM in the UK launched TeenStreet UK in 2022, designed to engage with a year-round multi-cultural community of teens and youth leaders which begins with the main TeenStreet UK event in the summer. Teens are discipled to encourage them to become disciple-makers, and given exciting opportunities for mission trips to put into practise what they are learning.

As our influence expands through new technologies and opportunities, we’re following God’s direction for the future, journeying together as a global community of Jesus followers who are committed to glorifying His name.