TeenStreet Mini

This is a series of one-day events organised as part of our year-round discipleship programme. TeenStreet Mini aims to create an atmosphere that connects to teens with the right amount of fun, friendship, and teachings to help teens grow in their relationship with Jesus.

During these events teens get a taste of our TeenStreet summer camp. Which is a place where we connect with them by having fun and being real. We challenge their culture and give them a purpose by inviting them to be part of Jesus’ mission.

Where and when is the TeenStreet Mini event?

They are held in various locations across the UK. To see if any events are planned in your area see below.

  • Northern Ireland – October 2023 – date TBC

Want to host a TeenStreet Mini?

If you would like to host a TeenStreet Mini event at your church, please get in touch with us here.