If you have Safety & Security questions not answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@teenstreet.uk

The safety of your teenagers is a top priority for the TeenStreet UK leadership team. We have 24-hour security on site for the whole week.





All adults onsite must be DBS checked. All adults at TeenStreet UK are required to sign and follow the TeenStreet UK guidelines regarding their interaction with teens.  For more detailed information about our child protection policies, please contact us by email at contact@teenstreet.uk.

There will be a number of people that will support the teens during the week. Each NET (small) group will have a coach who will be directly responsible for caring and supporting the teens. The Prayer Team and SoulCare (counselling) team are available all week to support both the teens and the coaches. There is also further support available if the coaches feel it is needed.

While mobiles are welcome at TeenStreet UK, please keep in mind that it is a very busy schedule. If you need to contact the OM staff during the week for whatever reason, there will be an emergency number available. All details will be provided before the event.