TeenStreet is a Christian youth event. Join with Christian teens from around the UK for an action-packed week of teaching, small group time, worship, workshops, sports and more!

As a ministry of OM, TeenStreet events have flourished across Europe and around the world for more than 25 years, and now we are ready to launch TeenStreet in the UK. You can read about our history and values

We also recommend you read our FAQs which are a wealth of great information, and have a look below at some quick pointers to learn more about TeenStreet and to know what to expect…

What to Expect

Arrival – Once you reach the TeenStreet UK site, there will be team to direct you to where to go. Your first stop will be the registration point where you will sign in and collect your badge. Then you can head to your accommodation.

Accommodation – You will have an assigned area to pitch your tent, or dorm to sleep in.  Guys and girls sleep in separate accommodation and cannot enter the other’s

UNFOLD & Throne Room* – UNFOLD is our theme for the week and the name of the main talk each morning. Throne Room is our evening worship session where you can also have the opportunity to go and receive prayer. You are expected to attend both of these with your small group.

NET* Times – You will meet with your small group (or support network) 3 times a day. NET 1 is a Bible study that your coach (small group leader) will go through with you, followed by the Big Adventure where you go through the study on your own. NET2 is a time to touch base with your coach before Throne Room, and NET3 is a final chat about how the day has been before bedtime.

Shhh Time – We have Shhh time each day for half an hour. This is a time where everyone on site is silent. TeenStreet UK  is a very full and busy week so it’s important to take some quiet time. You can use this as you wish, there are no requirements. You can spend time reading you bible, sitting outside or just take the time to rest.

Interact* – Interact times are free time for you to use as you please. There are seminars, workshops, and sports and games to get involved in during Interact 1 & 2. Interact 3 is mainly chill time, there will be some other activities you can join in with too.

Seminars and Workshops – There are plenty of things for you to get involved with – from workshops to sports and games to various seminars on different topics. You can sign up to these and we would recommend trying at least one – your coach will be able to show you where to go to sign up.

Pocket money – Though your 3 main meals are catered for, you may want to bring some extra money for snacks.

Leaving the site – You must not leave the TeenStreet site unless you have permission.

RAG*: Sponsored colour run – Every year TeenStreet UK will be raising funds for a project that works with teens. You can get involved by joining our sponsored race; each lap is roughly 1 mile long and we record how many laps you run so you can be sponsored per lap. Even if you can’t run, you can support the runners by cheering them on and high fiving them on their way round!

*TeenStreet Jargon Buster

Here are some explanations to help you navigate TeenStreet UK:

TS UK– TeenStreet UK

OM – Operation Mobilisation

Teenager–A – Younger teenagers aged 13-14 (Alpha)

Teenager–O – Older teenagers aged 15-17 (Omega)

Coach – Small group leader

M&Ms – Ministry & Mentoring pair, there to support and mentor the coaches

SoulCare Team – Team of Counsellors available throughout the week

KLS– Kingdom Lifestyle Statement

NET 1/2/3 – Times for meeting with your small group

Big Adventure – Daily creative Bible studies done individually

Interact 1.0/2.0/3.0 – Time to connect and interact, or join in with seminars, workshops or other activities

Shhh Time – Quiet time to relax and spend time with Jesus individually

Throne Room – Evening meeting of extended worship and prayer time

Art Zone – Area to be creative with art and get inspiration from others

RAG – Raise and Give – TS fundraiser and opportunity to give to a project for youth in Europe

TiM – Teens in Mission (short term mission trips for teens run by OM)