*TeenStreet Jargon Buster

Here are some explanations to help you navigate TeenStreet UK:

TS UK– TeenStreet UK

OM – Operation Mobilisation

Teenager–A – Younger teenagers aged 13-14 (Alpha)

Teenager–O – Older teenagers aged 15-17 (Omega)

Coach – Small group leader

M&Ms – Ministry & Mentoring pair, there to support and mentor the coaches

SoulCare Team – Team of Counsellors available throughout the week

KLS– Kingdom Lifestyle Statement

NET 1/2/3 – Times for meeting with your small group

Big Adventure – Daily creative Bible studies done individually

Interact 1.0/2.0/3.0 – Time to connect and interact, or join in with seminars, workshops or other activities

Shhh Time – Quiet time to relax and spend time with Jesus individually

Throne Room – Evening meeting of extended worship and prayer time

Art Zone – Area to be creative with art and get inspiration from others

RAG – Raise and Give – TS fundraiser and opportunity to give to a project for youth in Europe