We love to see whole youth groups at TeenStreet!

If you have questions about bringing your youth group that are not answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us at booking@teenstreet.uk

Our desire is to partner with the church’s youth group. Individuals or groups without leaders are certainly welcome at TeenStreet UK, but we believe that the time will be more effective if the teens and leaders go through the same experience.

We are not putting a limit on the number of teens that can come from any one Church. We want to encourage as many as possible to come and participate. Where possible it would be great to have a leader attend with every six teens – helping to run the NET groups.

We may be able to accept 12 year olds who are actively involved in and coming as part of a youth group, and can participate on a level with 13 and 14 year olds for small group  Bible Study sessions as well as during the rest of the programme.

Please contact us at booking@teenstreet.uk to discuss this.


Unfortunately, we are unable to accept 12 year olds wishing to sign up as individuals.

Where possible we would encourage Churches to bring one leader for up to every six teens to run their NET groups.

Should a Church group want to stay together for their NET group sessions, this is possible as long as there is one leader to every six teens within that group. This ratio can be discussed in individual circumstances. If you are the leader booker of a large church group, please get in touch with us prior to the event by email at booking@teenstreet.uk

Yes! You are welcome to come on your own or with a friend. You will be placed in a NET group for the week for small group time including Bible studies, and your coach (small group leader) will be there to support you during the week.

You are welcome! We will ensure that all teens are part of a suitable NET group with a coach who will look after them for the duration of the week.

We want to help youth leaders to invest in their teens, and so we want to invest in youth leaders by making it possible for them to come along!

For every six teens in a church group, bring one youth leader free – either for camping or shared room. Please get in touch with us by email at booking@teenstreet.uk if you are bringing at least 6 teens from your church so we can arrange your free space.